• Image of Smokey Quartz Heart Pendant

Handmade Smokey Quartz Copper Heart Pendant attuned to Usui Reiki, & Kundalini Reiki which includes 7 other Reiki energies! Each pendant has a one of a kind design and are created according to the energy of the one that places the order. Each pendant comes with copper wrapped cord.

Smokey Quartz:
Key Words - Grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practically, organization, manifestation of one's dreams and inspirations.
Chakra - Root (1st)
Element - Earth
Physical - Offers spiritual protection from radiation, supports healing from sunburn, dispels the physical effects of negative energies.
Emotional - Helps spiritual people feel positively engaged with physical life.
Spiritual - Protective and grounding, manifesting the spiritual in the physical.

~ Stone descriptions come from the The Pocket Book of Stones By Robert Simmons.

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